Week 45 of gratitude

5/11/2018 Happy Birthday Helen 🙂 Helen is one of my cousins who who has always been a friend, ever since we were kids we met up in school holidays and played together. Now she lives in Devon we don't get to see each other as much, but when we do meet up we carry on... Continue Reading →


Firework night

Remember the 5th of November, stay away from lit fireworks, have a bucket of water ready close by, wrap up warm, have marshmallows, hot chocolate and soup on standby, check the bonfire for any animals before lighting it... there's a lot of remembers for Bonfire night! Anyway..... for years I've been asking my parents to... Continue Reading →

Week 44 of gratitude

29/10/2018 When you order contact lenses, get £5 off and they send you free sweets. Double win. 30/10/2018 My Mum found out how to send emojis on whats app. This is what our conversations now consist of! 31/10/2018 Its lighter in the mornings for a short while so I can run by the river again.... Continue Reading →

Week 43 of gratitude

22/10/18 My final day off work, it's going to feel strange going back tomorrow as I've been at work on and off for the past month. Today I made my the most of my time off by having an afternoon nap. Ahhhhhh 23/10/2018 And back to work today. There's a lot of people I haven't... Continue Reading →

Ahhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh

Right let me say this, house hunting is frustrating! The first house I wanted to look at sold before I could look round (boo) so over the weekend I went to look round another flat. I wasn't as keen on this one, but wanted to see it for comparison. Well that was fun, first of... Continue Reading →

Week 42 of gratitude

15/10/18 Back on annual leave again 🙂 Happy days! For once I haven't booked myself up for every free minute (I'm not good at sitting still or doing nothing) so I'm going to use this time to get life/house slightly more organised and hopefully catch up with some friends. 16/10/18 Reading 🙂 I love the... Continue Reading →

Week 41 of Gratitude

08/10/18 I am grateful to be able to cycle to work, to enjoy the feeling of moving myself 🙂 09/10/18 My Dad had a meeting close to where I live this evening so he brought my Mum over for the evening, so we had dinner together, something that does't often happen now. I think my... Continue Reading →

Baby steps

So baby steps onto the rollercoaster of buying a house 🙂 Mistakes not to make when looking to buy a house 1) Don't get too attached to any property! Can you tell that I've already made this mistake? I found a cute little maisonette in the area I wanted and booked a viewing. I looked... Continue Reading →

Frugality success/Moving on

When I started this blog I did it as part of a challenge set by Siobhan, to record my adventures for my 30th birthday. I've been looking through my bucket list and I'm pleased that I managed to do so many of them and I've loved all of the new things that I tried. Some... Continue Reading →

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