One of my friends, Kathryn has a)copied my idea of a bucket list and b)copies half the things off of it! Terrible tsk tsk Miss Kathryn! (Love you really.....) Anyway, Kathryn and I both liked the idea of taking our mums (and Hannah, Kathryn's sister) out for a day, giving them a break and spoiling... Continue Reading →


Parallel skiing practice

I've been 'learning to ski' for a while on and off, I'll go on holiday one year and by the next I've forgotten it or lost my confidence, but even so I still love the adrenaline of sliding down a mountain. I've found the I can ski better in a semi white out, (as opposed... Continue Reading →

Photography around Cambridge

When writing out my bucket list I included having a photography day around Cambridge, to get me to explore of the city around me and also to practice my photography more. I like to explore the area around me, and as I work weird hours it means I get days off in the week to... Continue Reading →

Week 7 of gratitude

12/02/2018 it's been a beautiful day today, clear and sunny so I've been outside as much as possible. Today was the first day that I've felt the warmth of the sun since winter started. Not warm enough to go out without a coat yet but lovely to feel anyway. 13/02/2018 Plenty of clean drinkable water.... Continue Reading →

Let there be lights

For the past few years Cambridge has had a 'Light Festival' in the city centre, where a number of building facades are lit up based on that years theme. The idea is to make February a brighter, more colourful month for people to enjoy post Christmas and while waiting for spring to properly start. (Although... Continue Reading →

Crispy candy co

Yep it's another post from London Town. Somehow I managed to cram loads from my bucket list into one day, to the point that I took a little notebook around with me so I could write down anything I wanted to remember for blogging purposes! I've seen reviews of crispy candy co chocolate bars before... Continue Reading →


So today was my first reflexology session. I think I may have mentioned that I'm a nurse, so mostly I deal with medicine and surgery type treatments, however I am interested in alternative therapies to improve anyone's quality of life. Recently I've been feeling more stressed and anxious so am trying various ways to reduce... Continue Reading →

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