Week 28 of gratitude

9/7/2018 Trying out a new recipe and it worked out better than I expected 🙂 10/7/2018 Off to Devon for a few days and the holiday feeling is high. 11/7/2018 I love the opportunity to try new things and recently I'm loving anything arty and creative, so a friend invited me along to her art... Continue Reading →


VR Gaming with a Mouse

For the first time ever... I played a VR game! Context: I live in a house with three other gaming geeks (their description of themselves, not mine and I love them anyway) and they're always trying to get me into playing one game or another. They're also animators/character artists for a games company.... yep I... Continue Reading →

Week 27 of gratitude

02/07/2018 An evening of paddleboarding for the first time (and I didn't fall in!) followed by fish and chips and a visit from a local kitty. Awwwww. 03/07/2018 Sewing one of the guys from the shelter and hearing how he's getting on. Glad to hear they're doing ok! 04/07/2018 Meet up with a group of... Continue Reading →


Paddle boarding is a sport that wasn't really on my radar until I moved to Cambridge and spent evenings sitting by the river people watching. There's the usual kayakers, rowers, canal boats and fishing, and every so often you would see a person standing on a large surfboard, some keeping better balance than other and... Continue Reading →

Singing on the river

Wasn't it a gorgeous weekend? I love summer especially when its like this, there's so many things you can do when its sunny! And what could be better on a sunny evening than a picnic with live music? Singing on the river in true Cambridge tradition involves 'The Kings Men' (a men's choral group) singing... Continue Reading →

Week 26 of gratitude

25/06/2018 Today is my day off so I spent it drawing, reading and catching up on tv in the sun, watching the world go by 🙂 I saw some kayakers go past and can't wait to join them, I've joined the local kayaking club but have to wait a couple of weeks to get my... Continue Reading →

Anxiety part two

Ahhhh just when I think it's 'under control' the little red monster comes back in one form or another. Usually it's something like have I left the hob on, when I'm 50 miles away and can't do anything about it. Today's been a bit more intense. Usually I avoid thinking too deeply about the future,... Continue Reading →

Week 25 of gratitude

18/06/2018 Went with Dan to watch the Trinity College May Ball fireworks, they were so good, set in time to music and incorporated the bridge over the cam and some water fountains. One day I'd love to set off a firework.... for some reason my parents didn't trust me to try..... 19/06/2018 I'll be honest,... Continue Reading →

Keeping things alive…

Keeping plants alive is not something that gets passed on in your genes apparently. My parents are brilliant gardeners, my Mum loves her flowers and Dad spends a lot of his time growing vegetables (and the rest of us love going home to eat all his fresh veg) but that somehow seemed to miss me... Continue Reading →

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