Learning how to blog

So technically this is my second blog post, I’ve done the introduction to my blog, I guess I should do an introduction to me? Also it gives me a bit more experience in blogging. I’ve never had a blog before and tbh its scares me a little. Just being writing about my life and having people read it (or not read it) I’m not sure which one is worse.

I spent ages writing out the first post, editing it and rewriting it, and I know I won’t have time to do that every time, so this gives me a bit of practice at just writing! I’m used to writing a diary, which is mostly random scrawls to myself about my life, and this feels a bit more intimidating! I’ll try to forget that and just write until it feels natural.

I enjoy writing, especially when the weathers nice and I can take my notebook out and sit by the river and write or draw. I’m not sure I’m good at either, tbh I’m terrible at drawing, I specialise in stick people and outlines, but its fun and I’m trying to learn not to compare myself to anyone else.

I’m an almost 30 year old and I love travelling; I try to go to one new country each year, touristy or off the beaten path I don’t mind, I like doing a bit of both. Last year I did my ‘Ocean diver’ scuba diver training which is the basics of scuba diving and this year I’d like to develop my skills and get to explore more places and meet new fish. I also love photography, Disney, running, reading, , eating nice food even if I can’t cook it and being a big kid. Find me a bouncy castle or trampoline/zipline and I’m a happy girl.

What else? I’m an anxious kinda person and I have no ideas why that started, I used to be a bit of a worrier, recently it seems to have become a bigger thing, so I need to ‘learn’ (for want of a better word) how to overcome and not let it limit my life.

This year I’d love to try some new things, things that are a little out of my comfort zone and see what new hobbies I enjoy, learn some new things, develop a better understanding of things I currently don’t know.


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