Getting organised!


It’s been a busy beginning on the year, doing a lot of planning and organising for the rest of the year; getting other people involved, planning dates. I love planning things, it’s almost as much fun as doing, a bit like planning for and going on holidays? Does anyone else get that?

There’s a few things on my bucket list that I’ll be doing over the course of the year, and there’s no definitive goal or end to them, so I’ll be blogging about them as I go, just to keep me motivated for longer term things. However it also means I don’t get to cross them off my list, shame as I love lists and being able to tick things off!

So things that will be ongoing over the year;

  1. Write a blog. Well tadaaaaa! I’ve enjoyed my first few days blogging and reading other people’s blogs, I’m still trying to figure out the finer details. So far its been much easier than I thought it would be 🙂
  2. Start saving for Antarctica; I’ve opened a savings account so will see how much I can save by the end of the year. Its going to be a while before I get to go I think as the trips book up way in advance, and they’re not the cheapest of holidays!
  3. Draw a cartoon; I am terrible at drawing but I enjoy being creative and like doodling whilst watching tv/housemates playing computer games.
  4. Keep plant alive; I was given a rhubarb plant for Christmas which I’ve planted in the biggest pot I can find. I live in a rented house with a tiny garden so planting it in the ground wasn’t an option. Hopefully the pot I’ve got is big enough…. it was the biggest the shop did!
  5. Learn a language throughout the year, I’m planning on learning French. More on this later!
  6. Be thankful for something each day. Today I am so thankful for my friends who keep me sane and make me laugh or give me hugs.
  7. Read a wider variety of books. I enjoy reading, but often I find I reread the same books I already have or read the same genres, this year id like to read more books 🙂 if anyone has any suggestions for any books to read let me know!

Have a good day!


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