Where it all started

Happy New Year!

Why start a blog now? Part of my bucket list I guess,  and like a lot of people I have one, although its been more of a dream list that I might get to do if the opportunity turns up without me actually making the effort to get things done.

So I turn 30 in 2018 and during a long chat with my housemate Siobhan we were talking about how I was going to celebrate, and as I’m not a ‘big party with lots of people staring at me’ kind of person, I figured I’d do something different. However I am the kind of person who likes to make (fun) things last as long as possible, so instead of one big party I’m going to go do as many things on my bucket list as possible. How to make your 30th last all year 🙂  

The original idea was to come up with 30 things and do them, but as I was writing the list I ended up with almost 100 ideas, opps. So had to cut that into two lists of ‘do this year’ and ‘do in my lifetime’. I’m going to start with doing or planning 30 things, then I’ll get people to suggest things from off my list (no adding crazy things and expecting me to do them lol).

  1. Write a blog
  2. Have a ‘Lush’ massage
  3. Write a short story
  4. Try white water rafting
  5. Go on an Art tour
  6. Have a reflexology session
  7. Have a go on the Predator
  8. Take Mum out for the day
  9. Visit Kings College/Other Colleges
  10. Complete Sports diver qualification (Scuba Diver)
  11. Go to a pantomime
  12. Cirque du Soleil
  13. Say yes when Siobhan asks you to play a game
  14. Indoor Skydive
  15. Visit the Rome
  16. Start saving to visit Antarctica
  17. Draw a Cartoon
  18. Leave a note in a library book
  19. Run a  half marathon
  20. Grow/keep a plant alive (laugh if you want, I’m terrible with plants, just ask my poor Dad who has to resuscitate them!)
  21. Try a Crispy Candy Co chocolate bar
  22. Go to Evensong
  23. Run 100k in a month
  24. Set off a firework
  25. Play a VR game
  26. Learn a language throughout the year
  27. Find something to be thankful for each day
  28. See an Outside film
  29. Practice underwater photography, enter a photo into the annual Christmas BSAC photography competition
  30. Visit a place I haven’t been to before
  31. Try ‘Street Food’
  32. Find a productive way to help the Homeless
  33. Learn to LIVE (not just survive) on a budget
  34. Try paddleboarding
  35. Go shopping and try on random clothes
  36. Watch the sunrise/sunset over the Cam
  37. Go to more Cambridge festivals and events (festival of lights, singing on the river,picnic in the park)
  38. Have a photography day around Cambridge
  39. Try rock climbing or indoor climbing
  40. Be able to parallel ski.
  41. Visit Disneyland at Christmas
  42. Scuba dive not in the UK
  43. Read a wider variety of books (a new book a month? maybe that’s too much?)
  44. Try a new skill or exercise class
  45. See a play at the Globe Theatre
  46. Pay it forward (this one I may not blog about)
  47. Complete a photography course
  48. Have a duvet and film day
  49. Visit a museum I haven’t been to before.V+A, British Museum etc

So lets see how it goes!


2 thoughts on “Where it all started

  1. You’ve got some great ideas there! I’d love to go on a flying lesson!


    1. Thanks! Will see how it all goes, so excited for this year!

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