He’s behind you!

Busy busy weekend this weekend, but a brilliant one. I got to go to my first ever pantomime with one of my closest friends that I don’t get too see very often.

We saw Beauty and the Beast (my favourite Disney film; I’ve seen both films, eaten at the restaurant in Florida and reallllly want to go to the afternoon tea in London, just need to find someone to go with!) at The Maltings in Ely.

And. It. Was. Great. Pantomime is completely different to any other medium and it took me a while to get into it. Once you get used to the story line being a lot less structured and the lack of the Disney songs I loved it. It’s something that the kids enjoy and still has humour for the adults. However I am glad that they didn’t choose me to become part of the show, like they did with one poor guy who had to go on stage and dance…..

The amount of energy and character the actors put into it (especially towards the end of stint and doing up to three shows a day) was incredible.

Is it just me or do others love the bad guy in panto? The others were good, but Poison Ivy, the villan, was fabulous; singing, outfit and how on earth did he walk and dance (!!) in those high heels?

Ps I’m sorry for the terrible photos, I was concentrating on enjoying the production.

Definitely glad I tried panto and hopefully it won’t be the last!

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