Week 1 of gratitude

Part of my ongoing bucket list is to be thankful for something each day. It’s so easy to complain about how things aren’t as I like or aren’t going my way but how often am I thankful for the things that I have? And how much of a difference would it make to my mental health if I focused more on the things I have rather than the negatives?

I started off just spending a few minutes each day thinking of something, but often was forgetting or not truly thinking about it. So I may not blog every single thing that I’m grateful for, but I will find some way of reflecting on things.

Anyway so far this year ;


Matt,Clare and Annie (work colleagues), they keep me sane and even join me in acting crazy. Love you guys!

(Apparently I don’t have any nice photos of all of us 😉 so this will do instead….)


Running, I actually enjoy the feeling of pushing myself forward and especially the feeling once a run is completed!


Hugs, what is it about a hug that makes me feel happier and things seem more bearable after a hug?


Living in a beautiful part of the world. Another mini project I’m trying this year is to take more photos, including taking a photo at the same place each day. This isn’t exactly the spot but I couldn’t resist, the colours are beautiful.


Pantomime!! See my other post for this. So glad I got to try this with a wonderful friend.


I volunteer at a homeless shelter that runs in the winter months and tonight was my first shift back and tbh I was a little nervous. I don’t find it easy talking to people in general, when I’m out of my comfort zone I feel very shy and awkward, and expected it to be especially hard talking to people who have a very different life to me, partly as I’m worried that I’ll offend them or conversation will flop. So far it’s been good to be back, everyone’s settled in and it’s been a quiet night. I’m hoping it stays the same when I’m team leader in a couple of weeks!


Follow up to the previous thought, I’m grateful to have a warm place to stay, it’s so cold out there and I do feel for the guys who stay out in that weather.

Have a good week!


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