Films, food, friends and….blankets

On my bucket list there’s a fair few ‘bigger things’ that I want to experience at least once in my life, but I also want to ‘be present’ and enjoy the day to day things with the people around me as well. Life can be so busy and I often feel like I’m rushing around without actually enjoying being with people, does anyone else feel like that? Anyway…. I am so grateful for the amazing friends I have around me (I will try to stop this becoming a soppy, ahhhhh, I love my friends, sob, post) and I want to use this bucket list year to involve them as much as possible. Two birds one stone 🙂

You know how it’s assumed that Friday nights are for going out etc etc? We had plans to go out have dinner and drinks etc, but after a busy week a night in with films and food (can’t forget that vital bit) sounded more appealing.

(Nope this picture isn’t from last night, but any pictures I did take didn’t go well….)

So Clare and I snuggled up for a good old sleepover watching a couple of films chatting and the usual. Basically a grownup version of what I did almost 20 years ago (arggghhhhh really?!) when us kids used to have sleepovers and try really hard to wait until midnight so we could have our midnight feast then give in and eat it at 11.30! Tbh not much has changed….

Identity thief; check, Cuckoo; kinda check…. and then we started falling asleep…. at 11.15 woohoo aren’t we party animals?!?

It was great, just to sit back watch silly films and enjoy being with friends.

The sleepover was made perfect by a wonderfully comfy bed and brunch in St Ives. Another perfect weekend 🙂

Thanks Clare, need to do it again!

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