Week 3 of gratitude


The feeling of getting things done, aka the opposite of procrastination! I love getting things ticked off my to do list, just knowing I’ve got things a little more organised makes me feel calmer and more relaxed.


The opportunity to keep learning. I’m one of the people that school was wasted on, not because I caused trouble more that I never enjoyed learning so just did what I had to to pass. Since starting work I’ve found that I enjoy learning new things, related to the areas I’m working in or not.


Follow on from yesterday I guess! I’m grateful for books, documentaries, the internet (even if some of it should be taken with a pinch of salt) and people around me who change what you think and encourage you to learn more. I have housemates that every so often we will have a long chat about anything and everything in the world, each time it challenges how I see things and I have to go and research more about what I thought I knew.


Happy birthday Jo! I have lots of fun memories of us as kids, having random conversations at night when we were supposed to be asleep, moving our bedroom around on saturday mornings (we shared a room and moved the furniture around a fair few times!) usual sister things. I’m glad you’re my sister 🙂

(Ps Richard you need to learn to smile before your wedding, you have 8 months to practice 😜)


Spontaneous nights in. We had other plans for tonight that got cancelled, so Clare and I ended up watching films and nibbling and chatting. Often the best times aren’t planned.


Grateful for food today, some yummy, some not so much but I’m blessed to have a variety.


It’s snowing again! And it’s so pretty 🙂 and it brings back memories of a few (!) years ago building snowmen, giant snow balls and walks round the park.

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