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Today started off with a different plan (scuba dive, get some practice for sports diver qualification) but bad weather changed that so instead we headed to the Scott Polar Research Institute/Museum.

I’ve been interested in the Arctic and Antarctic since watched the Frozen Planet a few years ago. I can remember being (and still am) fascinated by the landscape and the animals that live in those areas. I never really considered visiting until the beginning of planning the bucket list. Since then I’ve started a savings account so hopefully one day I can go to the Antarctica. It may take a while though!

Terrible photo, yes, I’m going to blame the rain!

Anyway today Dan and I went to have a look round the museum, it’s split into two halves, one covers the Arctic, how the Inuits live in cold hostile conditions. I was surprised (and I’m not sure why!) how they not only make practical items but also make pretty and fun items.

Why is it we focus on the practical aspects of their lives and assume they don’t have time for fun or want to have beautiful things. The time and effort to make these things is amazing.

The other part of the museum focuses on the exploration of the Antarctic, although most of it followed Captain Scott’s final exploration and death. I’ve heard the story a few times and each time I wish there was a way to change the ending.

As part of the exhibition there were some of the letters written by Scott to his teammates family following their deaths, it really made me think, how this man was facing his own death and yet still cared for the family members left behind not only of his own family but also of his team. Courage and caring at its best.

It was a thought provoking day, and definitely worth a visit. It’s reinforced my desire to see the Antarctic and Arctic one day.


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