Its enough to last a lifetime

So I have my bucket list to do throughout my year, but I also have a bucket list to do over my lifetime, some bigger, some smaller things. Basically things I couldn’t fit into one year (due to finances time etc).

I started writing one a while back, so I’ve included the things I’ve already done just so I can see that things do happen. For example I always assumed that none of my friends would want to go to disneyworld with me, yet last year I had the best trip out there.

I’m finding that blogging is making me more proactive about doing things on my bucket list rather than just adding it as a pin to my pinterest list and then forgetting about it until an opportunity comes up. Make the opportunities happen!

  1. Visit the Arctic and Antarctic
  2. See the Northern lights
  3. Run a full marathon ( I may change my mind on this one after running a half marathon!)
  4. Go to Evensong at Kings College Chapel
  5. Have dinner at Beauty and the Beasts castle in Disneyworld
  6. Be more patient, less selfish
  7. See the Statute of liberty
  8. Own/adopt a dog
  9. Visit all 7 continents
  10. Release the past
  11. See the London New Year fireworks live
  12. Go to the Olympics/Commonwealth Games.
  13. Complete a colour run
  14. Become a vascular specialist nurse
  15. Helicopter over the Grand Canyon
  16. Be positive despite negativity around me
  17. See the baobab trees.
  18. Feed a giraffe
  19. Own a house
  20. Become an auntie (and its just as good as I thought it would be)
  21. Hold a koala, or tbh any animal that isn’t going to kill me….
  22. Visit a trampoline cave
  23. Go Zorbing
  24. Visit Auschwitz
  25. Overcome a fear
  26. Fall in love
  27. Have a true conversation with my Dad
  28. Go to Hobbiton
  29. Go on a cruise
  30. See the Pyramids
  31. Have a positive impact on someones life.
  32. Have a pet hedgehog
  33. Go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  34. Volunteer in an animal shelter
  35. Try flyboarding
  36. Go on a rope swing into the water
  37. Find beauty in the small things
  38. See the Terracotta army
  39. Go dog sledding
  40. Float in the Dead Sea
  41. Leave a good legacy
  42. ‘Live to express not to impress’
  43. Have a home library
  44. scuba dive with a whale shark
  45. Sponsor a child (meet the sponsor child if possible)
  46. Visit the glowworm caves in New Zealand
  47. Be involved in a research project
  48. Go on a kayaking holiday
  49. Travel to a new place each year; Jordan, Iceland, USA, Hawaii, Phillipines, China, Russia.
  50. Volunteer with Mercy Ships
  51. Ride in a helicopter
  52. Learn to horseride
  53. More random acts of kindness


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