Week 4 of gratitude.

So this week I’m doing things a bit differently to the past couple of weeks, instead of thinking of something that I’m grateful for happening right now, I’m going to remember something that I’m grateful for having experienced already. This year is about looking forward, planning and doing new exciting challenges and aiming to do more, however I’m still so lucky to have experienced so many things and to have met so many wonderful people, even if we’re no longer still in contact. Tbh I think I could fill more than a weeks worth of memories!


Last year I took a couple of weeks holiday to Florida with a very close friend, Jodie. I find there are only a few people around that I can spend two weeks uninterrupted time with only them, sharing a room, spending 18 hours on a plane and two weeks doing the same things with, without driving each other crazy. I don’t know about Jodie, maybe I drove her insane?! but I loved getting to spend time with her, and visit Disneyworld and Universal Studios. We had a great time at dessert parties (thankfully she has as sweet a tooth as I do), The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, fireworks, lying by the pool and meeting all the characters. PS Jodie, I’m almost sorry for sticking you on a ride that went upside down……. but hey you loved it in the end?


A couple of years ago I spent sometime working in Kenya helping out at a clinic there (I’m a nurse) with Tanja, and it was amazing to see how people provide healthcare despite the limitations of money and equipment, and yet do it so positively. I’m thankful for the experience and what it taught me; I often forget those lessons of being patient and remembering what we have to work with!


As a child we had guinea pigs and used to breed them (initially by accident after we given a ‘female’ pair…. hmmmm nope one of them certainly wasn’t!) and I loved going out to feed them in the morning and be greeted by happy squeaks and their noses pressed up against the wire of their cage, or picking them up and taking them inside for cuddles.


When we were kids one of our ‘chores’ was to help with the washing up and putting away after meals, I can remember a couple of times when it was just my Dad and I (him washing up, me drying up) and we’d sing together. My Dad has a lovely bass voice and can sing a harmony well and I’d sing with him any songs we knew while we got the jobs done. We’re not an emotionally close pair, but I can remember feeling connected with him while we were singing. It didn’t happen that often but the times it did were special.


For the past few years Hannah,Kathryn,Jodie and I have met up for weekends and holidays just to catch up the usual friends things, as everyone gets busier it’s harder to meet up as a group, but I’m grateful for the holidays we’ve had, the food shopping trips (a wierd tradition we have) and the joy those memories still give me. I love these girls.


A couple of years ago I got to spend some time working in Madagascar, teaching English and Nursing. While we were there we went to a village a couple of hours from Tomasina by car/boat/walk to spend some time with the people there. The kids couldn’t speak English and I could only speak Malagasy, so the kids tried to teach us some words by drawing in the dirt and we would repeat the word. Apparently my pronunciation was hilarious and from then they accepted us as part of their lives. Laughter and teasing are a universal language 🙂


When I was a child our family used to do ‘house swaps’ with my uncle and his family. On one of these trips we went to Cadbury world (back in the good old days before they changed the chocolate lol) mmmmm so much chocolate it was a good day! Family time plus chocolate.

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