Summary of January (just a little bit late…)

Happy one month old blog day 🙂

(Apparently I have no other birthday cake photos! so have a photo of me on my first birthday!)

I can’t decide in January has gone quickly or slowly…… Christmas seems like forever ago though!

This month I have made an effort to try new things and go out there and do… things like reading a wider variety of books, watching different documentaries films etc, started practicing yoga, doing some weight training, visiting nearby villages and coffee shops, just added general things to my life to create a bit of variety!

Overview of this months books;

The Shadow Year by Hannah Richbell.

This is my favourite of the new books that I read this year. I love books that have a twist at the end and although I did figure out some of the plot I didn’t see the final twist coming. This is one book that I’ll consider adding to my own personal library.

My Life on Air  By David Attenborough;

Ever since watching Blue Planet I’ve loved David Attenborough’s programmes, they feed the travel bug inside me and inspire me to go diving more. This month I’ve gone back and watched some of his programmes from when he first started working with the BBC and found it fascinating, to see the world while it was still ‘undiscovered’. This book gives the background to how he got into becoming a Tv presenter and what it was like to travel to places that were harder to get to and the patience it took to get the shots they wanted.

The Apartment by Danielle Steel;

I’ve seen lots of books by Danielle Steel in the library etc, but never read one before. I found this book ok, an easy read but I found a strange combination of four girls having a fairly average life but having a few unrealistic things happen to them so felt a little disjointed to read. I might try another of her books just to see what they are like.

Death of a Liar, M C Beaton;

This was another ‘ok’ book, it was easy enough to read on a lazy afternoon, but not enough twists and a bit elongated for me! But hey that’s the idea of reading different authors that I haven’t tried before, you never know until you try 🙂

Things I am going to do next month;

  • Read four more books
  • Save my money for whats important
  • Continue with the photography projects that I have running
  • Strength/weight training twice a week
  • Clear out my wardrobe; ebay and donate!


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