Week 5 of gratitude


I work in a homeless shelter one night a week, we give them a meal and a warm safe place to sleep. Tonight’s dessert was given to us courtesy of a children’s group who made us all some cakes. Isn’t that sweet?


The sun is rising early enough for me to run by the river again 🙂 This makes me so happy! During the winter months I run alongside the road which I find mind-numbingly boring (but safer than running by a dark river!) So today started off well, it means spring is coming!


Today has been a tense day at work, lots emotions running high etc, but today I’m focusing on being thankful;

  • that I have a job in an area that I want to work in
  • A group of work friends that are great
  • the chance to help people

I’m thankful 🙂


Happy one month blog!

Today I’m struggling to be positive, there’s been a few issues that a frustrating me and its getting to me a little. Maybe one day I will be grateful for the lessons I’ve learnt?

Anyway for today 🙂 Its sunny, I’m alive and Spring is coming, good things are yet to come. Some days that’s all you need!


After what’s been a long difficult week I found this note left by a friend. I love getting surprise notes, it reminded me of happier days and that things do get better. Thank you Clare. ‘Today I will choose kindness over anger’


Today I met a lovely lady at the Tesco checkout, she chatted to me while not scanning my items at the speed of light and burying me under a heap of ice cream… well there are worse things?? Something so simple and it makes life better.


Yesterday inspired me; there are so many people who we meet for a short period of time, but make that time a better one. Jonathan, one of the bus drivers in Florida was one of these people. Rather than enduring a trip back to our hotel he made it nice, good music, telling us ‘fun facts’ about Walt Disney, and he genuinely did seem to enjoy his job. At the end of each journey he would say ‘may the rest of the day be the best of your day’. Thank you Jonathan, wherever you are and the same to you too.

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