The month of February

This month has been brilliantly busy, if only we had two weeks of annual leave every month? This time off has left me with plenty of time to read, and enjoy the fun stuff in life plus we’ve had some lovely winter/spring weather to enjoy. I am definitely one of those people who gets happier as soon as the sun comes out!

This months books

A Poirot book, am I one of the few people that hasn’t seen any Poirot episodes or read the books? Or realised that Agatha Christie wrote both Poirot and Miss Marple? Anyway….. it’s a lot more talking than other murder mystery books but gives you enough clues so you can at least try to guess ‘whodunnit’ before the big reveal.

Separate lives by Kathryn Flett:

Everyone cheats on everyone else….. good I guess but the only character I liked was a minor side character, sorry!

The Sea is Adventure by Enid Blyton

I loved Enid Blyton (and Noddy) as a kid and yet I’ve never heard of this series of books. Not sure how I missed these! It’s along the stereotypical adventure book lines, there’s four children and a pet (this time a talking parrot and three rats) who get into an adventure. This reminded me that I still love Enid Blyton books even as an adult, I may need to find all the Famous five and st Clare’s books as well as more from this series.

Black Heart Blue by Louisa Reid

This book made me sooooo angry, literally furious, but in a good way I think. Sounds strange I guess but it shows that the author is good if they can make you angry at fictional characters just by their writing, it shows you’re really absorbed into the story. It follows twin sisters who are abused by their parents and how one managed to escape. I might look up more of her books once my blood pressure recovers!

Next month is going to be another busy month, but I also want to be more proactive with the ‘less fun things’ getting admin done rather than ignoring them!

I’m really enjoying having a bucket list and its been amazing how many things have ‘turned up’ now that I’m looking for the opportunities. It can be something as simple as liking a friends post which then snowballs into being introduced to other people who want to try out similar hobbies to me. I’ve also learnt the lesson to take the opportunity when it comes, I had got my eye on a trapeze class that’s starting up soon, but delayed booking onto the class and typically by the time I did it, its too late. Opps….

So far I’ve done 11 things, so 39 to go on the bucket list, what do I do once I’ve done most of them? Write another bucket list? Is there a limit to how many bucket lists you can have??

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