Week of gratitude 6


My joy in sorrow’s tears

My strength to cast out fears

No other name but Jesus, Jesus

My hope in darkest night

My broken souls delight

No other name but Jesus, Jesus

(Trevor Hodge, No other name)


Just finished my first shift as team leader for the homeless shelter and it went fine, no major problems which I’m very happy about!


I’m thankful for the prettiness of weather, it was very lightly snowing this morning so I spent a couple of minutes watching it swirling around, illuminated by the street lights.


Hope; do I need to say more? Hope is a wonderful thing; it improves my outlook on life, gives me joy and

Things that are good give me hope for things to continue, when things are bad I hope for things to get better.



Annual leave starts today! Yayyyyyyyy so happy about that, thankful for the chance to rest, to catch up with friends, opportunities to explore and new experiences to try.


Thankful for the sense of hearing. Today I meet up with some friends to chat and watched ‘The Greatest Showman’ (sooooo good) the soundtrack is going to have me singing along for a few days.


The sense of sight. Cambridge has its annual Eluminate festival running currently, so this evening I went down to take some photos. Several of the landmark buildings have been lit up with various colour projections, art works and poetry. On Friday there was a parade of bikes lit up with Christmas lights. I’m glad I got the chance to see it, it’s pretty cool 🙂

Have a good week!


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