So today was my first reflexology session. I think I may have mentioned that I’m a nurse, so mostly I deal with medicine and surgery type treatments, however I am interested in alternative therapies to improve anyone’s quality of life. Recently I’ve been feeling more stressed and anxious so am trying various ways to reduce this, plus I’m still having issues with acid reflux and am keen to try to fix it through diet etc before taking drugs if possible.

I’ve heard a little about reflexology but like to try things out for myself ๐Ÿ™‚ I figured even if it doesn’t help specific problems at least I’ll get a nice massage and who doesn’t enjoy that?!

Anyway reflexology is a specific type of massage that focuses on the the feet (so not for the ticklish!) with the idea that different parts of the foot reflect different parts of the body.

Today I had my first reflexology session with Lotus from Reflexology Health Cambridge, a lovely, calming lady. Prior to starting the session, Lotus asked me about my lifestyle, health issues, sleep patterns and stress levels. Then I got comfy on the massage couch, covered with a blanket and with my feet propped up on a towel.

Lotus spent an hour massaging both of my feet, applying pressure to certain areas, and telling me when to take deep breaths to help me relax. Not a problem there! I felt so relaxed during the treatment, in that nice in between awake and asleep state which was perfect for me to relax but still enjoy the experience.

Occasionally it felt like something sharp was pressing into my foot, which Lotus said we’re the areas of my body that needed extra attention. Although Lotus didn’t notice any major issues she did mention my kidneys, maybe that’s them asking for more water?

Overall did it have an impact on my health? Yes I felt so relaxed during the session and my feet are the softest they have ever been, however I’m still having acid reflux…. still on a mission to get that fixed! I guess alternative therapies can’t be used instead of a healthy lifestyle but as an extra.

Thank you Lotus, that was definitely a good start to my annual leave ๐Ÿ™‚


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