Let all thoughts drift from your mind like silk….

I’m on annual leave for a couple of weeks, just a ‘use your annual leave before the end of the financial year or you’ll loose it’ so I’m going to make the most of the time off and get a few things done from my to do list! Hence several blog posts in a couple of days!

Ive had a few massages before and a couple of facials but I’ve craved a Spa trip to Lush since I saw some of the pictures, and I knew it was going to be very different to any other spa trip 🙂

The first fun thing I noticed was when I bought my voucher for the Sound Bath it can with a little booklet about the treatments, and the cover of the booklet was made from heat reactant card so whenever you touch it it changes colour. Cool! I had a bit of fun poking it and watching it change, such a childlike thing I know!

After reading through the descriptions It was between The Spell and Sound Bath treatment, the latter won mostly as I already had a reflexology treatment booked. Anyway, if you haven’t been to the Lush spa before, it’s not your typical clinically white with soft touches spa, more like an English country cottage.

When I arrived the lady at the team greeted me by name before I’d even introduced myself, I’ve never had that before! I was then taken through to the ‘kitchen’ where I was given a glass of water infused with mint and lemon, and filled in the usual health forms and had a chat with my therapist (Kate) about what to expect.

Then Kate brought out a wooden box, ‘steaming’ slightly with a gift inside. As I opened the box dry ice wafted out, and inside the box was a tiny chocolate mushroom labelled ‘eat me’ and a tiny little bottle of agave and elderflower labelled ‘drink me’

My phone inconveniently decided that it didn’t want to take photos right now, however Kate was nice enough to wait for it to restart and added more hot water to the box to try to get some of the ‘steam’ back so I could take a photo. Thank you for trying!

The chocolate was so good, a dark cocoa flavour which balanced out the very sweet syrup like drink.

Kate led me through to the treatment room and left me to get comfy on the heated (!) bed. After ringing a bell to let her know I was ready, Kate returned and tucked me in under a couple of blankets, in a way it made me feel like a child again, comfortable and cosy.

She then lit incense, described as ‘inhale’ to relax and ‘exhale’ to let go, which she wafted around the room. The smell reminded me of a holiday somewhere although I can’t place where, a fresh clean floral scent.

After this it was time for the treatment which consisted of tuning forks, singing bowls, ear candles, hot and cold stone facial, hot mitt cleansing, scalp massage accompanied by a beautiful sound track.

The music was a mix of bells, birds chirping, a very realistic sounding fly, that sounded like it was in the room with me, xylophones, and singing, not the usual whales or piano music!

I’ve never had tuning forks used as a treatment before, Kate explained that they were used to help redistribute the bodies energy. During the treatment they were used as part of the soundtrack but also placed on various places around my face and on the centre of my sternum, where I could feel vibrations more than I could hear them.

The hot stones were lovely and relaxing, I do love hot stone massages and the cold stones treatment was surprisingly refreshing. I did expect it be a shock having them applied, but somehow Kate managed to prepare me for them without saying anything. The ear candles were a nice extra but they didn’t add anything to the treatment, but it’s something I’ve never tried before so nice to know what the hype was about a couple of years ago!

The scalp massage…. I could sit there and let someone massage my head all day….. so relaxing!

At the end of the treatment Kate let me relax for a while on the heated bed before joining her back in the kitchen for a cup of tea (after taking a few photos of course). I absolutely loved the facial, it’s unlike one I’ve had before and would definitely like to try another of Lushs treatments!

Hope you’re having a not too stressful week!


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