Crispy candy co

Yep it’s another post from London Town. Somehow I managed to cram loads from my bucket list into one day, to the point that I took a little notebook around with me so I could write down anything I wanted to remember for blogging purposes!

I’ve seen reviews of crispy candy co chocolate bars before and thought it was time to try one. I have had a deep fried mars bar (not as bad as it sounds but once was enough) however these bars are dipped in pancake batter and then fried. So as it’s pancake week, and I was in the area I figured I’d try them out.

Instead of going for a chocolate bar I thought I’d try the plain Oreo doughnuts, although once I’d ordered I wondered why I didn’t try out a mix of flavoured Oreos instead.

You got four Oreos per portion and they’re not bad tbh, a little stodgy but nicely warming and sweet. The outside is crispy as you’d expect and the Oreo biscuit gets a bit lost, but the creme goes all melty once fried. Imagine an Oreo thick pancake and you’ve got the idea!

These are definitely an improvement on deep fried mars bar but not sure if I’ll try anymore, as I did find a few other treats that I want to try next time I’m in Camden.


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