Let there be lights

For the past few years Cambridge has had a ‘Light Festival’ in the city centre, where a number of building facades are lit up based on that years theme. The idea is to make February a brighter, more colourful month for people to enjoy post Christmas and while waiting for spring to properly start. (Although the weather has been gorgeous for the past couple of days!)

Last year I somehow missed the festival, and only heard about it when Clare mentioned it to me. This year I looked up the dates to make sure I didn’t miss it!

The lights also tie in with various events, including lectures, a bike light parade and photography walk, I managed to go to the latter two which was fun. Some of the cyclists went all out decorating their bikes, helmets and themselves with Christmas lights!

This years theme was ‘colour’ and it fitted very well. The Fitzwilliam museum had some of the pieces of art on display being projected onto the outside of the building,

The festival is a great idea, It’s given me the chance to explore more of the city. One of the displays really played with my head; one of the projections lit the front of the Senate House in blue and white, which would the tilt from side to side making it looked like the building itself was moving. The first time I saw it it made me a bit dizzy!

Pretty cool! Now it’s over I’m ready for spring flowers!


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