Week 7 of gratitude


it’s been a beautiful day today, clear and sunny so I’ve been outside as much as possible. Today was the first day that I’ve felt the warmth of the sun since winter started. Not warm enough to go out without a coat yet but lovely to feel anyway.


Plenty of clean drinkable water. Some of my friends in South Africa currently have a shortage of clean water, each day they post an update of how they’re saving water, like sharing dinner plates to save on washing up, not flushing the toilet etc. I guess we take it for granted that we can turn on a tap and have water.


Today I’m grateful for Siobhan, who suggested the adventure30, bucket list and blog idea, without that inspiration I wouldn’t have had the great day I’ve had.


Having the time to catch up with friends without feeling rushed. After a few busy months where I feel like I’ve run from one thing to another and just about fitted everything in, it’s been nice to hang out in London and have a day looking round.


Milkshakes on a sunny day mmmmmm


The promise that spring is finally on its way!


You feel jealous


What life do you want?

If you had the life you’re jealous of, would you be happy?

Or would you want more?

Today I’ve been feeling envious of someone else’s life, however in reality if I had the same life as them I wouldn’t be happy. Today I focus on what makes me happy in the life that I have and am grateful.

Thankfulness overcomes envy!

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