Photography around Cambridge

When writing out my bucket list I included having a photography day around Cambridge, to get me to explore of the city around me and also to practice my photography more.

I like to explore the area around me, and as I work weird hours it means I get days off in the week to go ambling around when there’s less crowds. I especially like to go for a random walk, find a nice coffee shop and get cosy while thinking over things and reading! So this project is to get me noticing more, looking at the details, being a tourist in my own place and exploring as much as possible.

I used to do a lot more photography than I do now, I did the 365 project a couple of years ago (a photo a day for year if you haven’t heard of it before) and found I learnt so much about my camera, how to get better photos and stimulated my creativity. Since then I’ve become lazy without a fixed project to focus on!

Anyway as it was nice weather this week I started wandering around taking some photos then realised how much there is to see and that it wouldn’t all fit into one post, so I may be splitting it up over the year. Not really sure how, maybe Cambridge through the seasons? Will see how the year progresses! It’s great to be back behind the lens though!


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