Week 8 of gratitude


Today I finally got to go and see the dr about this annoying chest pain, I’m grateful that he didn’t make me feel stupid, he listened, explained and reassured me.


I’m loving having a bit of a break from the 8-6 life for a while, it’s a chance to explore my smaller world.


Thankful for the opportunity to try to overcome fears.


Thankful that my chest pain isn’t anything serious and is hopefully on its way to being fixed 🙂


Thankful that it was good weather today, Hannah and I had a lot of plans to show her round Cambridge which wouldn’t have been much fun if it wasn’t nice. Punting in the rain anyone?


Thankful for my Mum and what she’s done for me.


I went scuba diving today and my ears cleared without a problem!!! It’s only taken 18 months, usually I spend half my dogs time trying to clear my ears so hopefully things are getting better.

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