Parallel skiing practice

I’ve been ‘learning to ski’ for a while on and off, I’ll go on holiday one year and by the next I’ve forgotten it or lost my confidence, but even so I still love the adrenaline of sliding down a mountain. I’ve found the I can ski better in a semi white out, (as opposed to complete white out or clear skies, I’m really not fussy am I?) as standing at the top of a piste and knowing I’ve got to get down freaks me out sometimes. I want to get over that and just enjoy going for it, so I keep practicing, even if practice doesn’t make it perfect hopefully it’ll make me more confident?

I don’t want to be able to do tricks or even go massively fast, but just to be able to ski down a slope, admire the surroundings, and enjoy a glass of mulled wine at the bottom!

This year I decided against having a ski holiday, and instead to save the money for Antarctica and use it for adventure30 instead. So every so often throughout the year I go to The Snozone at Xscape in Milton Keynes to practice on the slopes there, it has year round snow, lessons and freestyle slopes which means I don’t forget everything before my next trip. Today seemed to be a fairly quiet day, so there was plenty of space to ski without worrying you were going to crash or constantly manoeuvre out of someone’s way.

Today I spent an hour or so practicing my parallel skiing and getting faster at it. I can parallel ski if I go fairly slowly, but as soon as I get some speed up I tend to panic, and go into snow plough instead…. again!!! Really want to stop this snowplough thing! I’ve had lots lessons, it’s just remembering it and practicing it over and over again, not going to complain about that, it’ll be an excuse for another holiday!

I came off the slope feeling that I can still ski with enough confidence to get down and have fun. Sorry there aren’t many photos for this, my phone decided it didn’t like the cold and hibernated instead!


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