Surprise, Mum!

One of my friends, Kathryn has a)copied my idea of a bucket list and b)copies half the things off of it! Terrible tsk tsk Miss Kathryn! (Love you really…..)

Anyway, Kathryn and I both liked the idea of taking our mums (and Hannah, Kathryn’s sister) out for a day, giving them a break and spoiling them a little bit, and as our Mums get on well together and don’t get to see each other much, we decided to team up and give them a surprise.

Like almost all mums they’ve given up a lot of their time and energy to look after us not only when we were children but even now, so it’s nice to take them out as a small thank you.

We both told our mums that we were taking them out for a day but didn’t tell them where or that we were meeting up, I’m quite surprised that we managed to get both mums to the train station without either of them guessing anything that was going on. Also; my mums face when she saw Kathryn and Auntie Rachel on the station was truly funny, I wish I’d got a photo of it!

With a few muddles along the way we took them to Stowe Gardens, had lunch and a nice wander/photo shoot in the grounds before heading off for dinner.

Stowe Gardens are very pretty, there’s a large house set at the back and lots of ‘temples’, bridges and statutes the wander round including a gorgeous bridge complete with reflection in the lake. We had a lovely time wandering around, exploring and chatting.

I’m so glad it was sunny as we hadn’t come up with a back up plan of what to do if it rained!

Thank you for some of the photos Kathryn!


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