Week 9 of gratitude


Warm snuggly blankets


The freedom, the ability, the option of choice. The fact that I get to make so many choices about my life, from what career I would like to what to do with free time.


Grateful for running water (that we usually have…) today we woke up to a burst waterpipe outside (or something..) and no running water inside, oh the irony!


Warm water! Yesterday the pipes froze or something, so ended up with minimal water and four people in the house who all needed a shower, so no chance to wash my hair. You know the horrible feeling when your hair really needs a good wash and feels greasy and horrible? Yep that was me, I must have looked pretty! BUT, today we have hot water again so I could properly shower ad get my hair clean and it feels so good.


Grateful for the emergency services who are out and about still doing their jobs as best they can despite difficult conditions. Thank you!


Kathryn was telling me how there have been volunteers who have 4×4’s who are picking up healthcare professionals and driving them to work and picking them up in this snowy weather, working til late at night and getting up really early to make sure people get to work safe. It’s so good to hear positive stories about humans 🙂


Thankful for good weather for the marathon, no wind,rain, or snow, cold but not freezing, perfect! Looking back this week has been a lot about the weather, very English of me!

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