Photography day around Cambridge part 2

I think I’ve somehow got the seasons out of order. I thought of taking photos of Cambridge as the seasons change, starting with spring as two weeks ago it looked like spring was here! Has anyone else noticed that every year we get one nice week in February and everyone relaxes thinking spring is here before we have another couple of weeks of true winter? Last year I dont think we had any snow however bring on ‘the Beast from the East’ and ta dahhhhh Cambridge has snow, and for a few hours we had a decent amount of it!

We had had snow on and off for the past couple of days, enough to be pretty/annoying depending on your view but not enough to get decent photos of without it looking a mess of slush. On Friday however we had enough snow for me to change my Saturday plans and go for an early morning snow walk around Cambridge instead.

I’m glad I went early in the morning, by the time I was walking back most of the snow had melted! The Beast decided to give up and go somewhere else obviously!

Hope you all managed to stay warm and safe!


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