Part of Adventure30 is not only completing a bucket list, but also to spend time with friends throughout the year rather than sitting around wondering what we should do. Once I’d written out the list I messaged it to a couple of friends and asked if there’s anything that appealed to them,then tried to plan those things in.

One of my friends, Hannah hadn’t had the chance to visit me in Cambridge and said she’d like to see some of the colleges, so when we found out we had the same time off it seemed like a good opportunity to explore Kings College, and go punting, (of course!) which gave us views of Kings College from different perspectives.

Somehow I haven’t been to many of the colleges, even though I’ve been here a while, so didn’t really know what to expect or what they are like. With Kings College you get to see the famous chapel and walk around the grounds, and learn about some of the history of the building. It feels like a strange mix of museum and library feel, with a section about the history of the Chapel, its construction and people who impacted or were impacted by this. The area to walk around isn’t huge but has got plenty of features to take photos of.  Luckily we got a lovely day to walk round the grounds!

I’d like to go to Evensong one day, just to see what its like, so need to figure out a time to fit it in!

Since Hannah’s visit I’ve had a couple of trips to visit other colleges and have a look around, they’re very different to the Uni I went to! I’ve seen a few of the Colleges either wandering around or from a punt, but going around gave me the chance of uninterrupted views. Some of the Colleges charge for entry, but St Johns does give free entry to Cambridge citizens who have ID.

On a sunny day it was fun to ‘be a tourist in my own city’ and explore a few of the things that everyone seems surprised that I haven’t visited considering how close it is. In most of the colleges I had the same sense of museum/library feel to it, almost like you shouldn’t talk above a whisper? No ideas why, or is that just me?

Each College that I’ve visited has its own history and different aspects that make it interesting. I was there mostly to take some photos of anything that caught my eye, and all of them have something unique to enjoy.


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