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Thirsty is baaaccccckkk! For the people who don’t know (aka most people) my favourite place to go for dinner and drinks is a little wine bar called Thirsty, which serves my favourite wine and every evening has a different street food van. A perfect chilled out vibe for after a day at work.

They shut for January to do some refurbishment so I had to cook for myself. For. A. Whole. Month. I’m not sure how I survived…..

Anyway it’s back now and my plan is to try as many of the food vans as possible. It’s a hard life. πŸ™‚

Tonight it was Now Now Bunny Chow; South African inspired food, bobotie, kissinono, pinotage mmmm so many things to try. Today I had the beef bobotie with artisan bread, and toppings. It was amazing, the best meal out I’ve had in a while. Dan had lamb curry of some kind (I forget the title) which was good but he still tried to steal some of mine.

Next up Guerilla Kitchen, a Korean menu this time and perfect timing for the Winter Olympics. I’ve tried Korean food before and wasn’t that impressed, although I’m not sure if it was ‘tourist’ Korean food if you know what I mean. Sooooo anyway, I had some kind of meat in a fluffy bun thing (I’m great at descriptions aren’t I?!) and we also had this taster box which basically had a bit of everything. Good food and not so filling that it makes you feel ill, also so prettily presented.

Recently I spent the day in London, so took the chance to visit Camden market to explore their food stalls. The paneer wrap from Kolkat was amazing! The wrap wasn’t the standard wrap, it was a parantha lightly fried until crisp and filled with spiced paneer, egg, yoghurt, pickled onions, tamarind and lime. Seriously good, I wish London wasn’t so far away, I could do with these in my life more often!

In my wanders around town I found La Latina the bustaurante, a Latin American restaurant in a double decker bus and have tried to visit, with a couple of things stopping me (I’m looking at you, snow storm Emma), so today being a cloudy day was perfect to try again.

They do empanadas, arepa and tostones as their speciality plus some puddings that I don’t know how to describe….but taste good!

I tried the tostones which are fried plantain with any combination of shredded chicken, beef or veg, with salsa sour cream,guacamole, beans and cheese. I don’t like bananas at all, AT ALL, it’s the one food I really struggle to eat, so I’m not sure why I tried this, but thankfully plantain tastes nothing like bananas, it’s more like a hash brown nacho to scoop all the other yumminess up. Crispy, warm and filling you can’t go wrong with these πŸ™‚

The couple who run the bustaurante are lovely, offering to let me taste things before placing my order, and I love the atmosphere of the bus.

Definitely want to go back and try the other options. Clare we need to try again hopefully minus the snow!



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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your travel stories. I enjoy reading and learning about other parts of the world – especially the food 🀣


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