Week 10 of gratitude


Music; either to listen to, play or sing a (terrible on my part at least) duet with Matt.


Really stupid thing today, but cute animal pictures, yes I get soppy over them, and they make me smile.


Today was the first run since the half marathon and it felt so good, my muscles have recovered and I’m thankful to have a body that works as well as it does.


My boss bought in strawberries for us today, I love strawberries mmmmm 🙂


Thankful for the ‘Friday feeling’; I’m not trying to rush through my life or that I hate my job etc, but just that feeling of happiness that you get on a Friday morning is great. I think its partially because everyone else has the feeling too so everyone feels happy?


Thankful for reunions with friends. One of my friends who lives in Canada,and therefore we don’t get to see each other much, is over for a visit so today we got to have a catch up. It’s so good to see her again. Miss you Tanja, it’s so good to see you again.


My mum; thank you for giving up you job to look after me, doing everything for me in my early years, providing food even when it was hard, saying no and telling me off, hugging me when I was upset. I love you lots xx

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