Week 11 of gratitude

How has it been 10 weeks already?

Is being thankful for something each day helping or not? The whole point of this exercise was for me to see more of the positives in my life and stop being jealous of other peoples. You know how people put up pictures of their perfect family life on social media? Yep I’d see them and get jealous of what they had, but really I know if I had that I wouldn’t be happy, I’d then be jealous of someone else posting pictures of the life that I currently have and feel jealous of them instead. Is it just me or does everyone get that? I can imagine its a fairly common feeling?

Sometimes, yes, it does feel harder than other days to sit back and spend a few minutes thinking of something I’m thankful for, but I don’t want to get to a point where I am just writing something down just for the sake of it, I want to think about why I’m thankful and reminisce or follow wherever the memory or feeling takes me. I want to be more aware of my own life; the people, the experiences, the simple and the complex things that make my life unique.


To go from a reflective mood to a shallow one fairly quickly. One of my colleagues makes the most amazing lemon drizzle cakes and sometimes brings on in for us, however the past few times I’ve been on annual leave, training, elsewhere so have missed out. When Julie found out, she made me cake and brought it in with her for me. Awwww. Thank you Julie. And yum! Now shall I share…..


Recently I’ve been reading through other people’s blogs, especially those focusing on acts of kindness. Reading through those stories has made the world feel a happier place. Thank you for sharing, I love to read through those stories.


Following on from yesterdays thankful thought; thank you to everyone who shares their ‘happy’ posts/pictures on social media, I like hearing about the happy parts of peoples lives. I know people say how social media isn’t realistic, that people hide the bad parts of their lives and only show the good bits so it looks like they have a perfect life, but does anyone really believe that? We all know that everyone has difficult times and its not as social media shows, however it is nice to see how there are happy stories as well. The news shows mostly sad, upsetting, negative emotion inducing stories, so its nice to hear about the other side of life. Embrace the happiness!


Thankful for the chance to do new things, and that Jodie enjoyed her birthday present! (I hadn’t told her before that we were going indoor skydiving, also glad that she wore appropriate clothes…. I didn’t think to check that!)


Spa day! And so much fun!


Love hanging out with Jodie and Kathryn, they’re people I can talk about everything with but we’re also happy flopping out and doing nothing together. Special friendships.


I’m thankful for people who share their stories, everyone has a story they can tell and there’s something we can learn from those stories, we can experience through another’s eyes or they can make realise we are not the only ones who experience what we do.


4 thoughts on “Week 11 of gratitude

  1. Great post 😊 Being jealous of other people through social media is more common than you would think. It seems like you’ve had a great week and I hope you have a good one to come 😊


    1. Thanks! It’s so easy to get into being jealous of others and then not wanting to hear about their lives as they seem so much better than mine etc, so I’m making a conscious effort to be happy for them and tbh it’s easier than I thought 🙂

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  2. How was skydiving? First time or have you gone before? I have a couple coworkers/friends who do that (one of their hubby’s is approaching his 100th jump) and they keep inviting me and I just can’t commit to it. I feel like I can go through the training, get in the plane, take off, but I’m not sure I’d actually step out that door. Two other friends also feel that same way so we are trying to coordinate schedules to go indoor skydiving after the school year is done, since one of them works as a teacher.


    1. It was brilliant, (blog post to follow once I’ve sorted through photos!) I did indoor skydiving this time, like you I’m not sure I’d be able to step out of the plane!


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