Indoor skydiving

This is something I’ve talked about doing for years, literally years ever since the wind tunnel near me opened, but I’d never really done anything about until I started adventure30.

Enter Jodie, one of my partners-in-adventures, although she didn’t know it for a while! Jodie had mentioned she’d like to try indoor skydiving, so when an offer came up on virgin experiences I booked us a double flight as a joint birthday present.

I kept it a surprise from Jodie, only telling her as we arrived at iFly in Milton Keynes. Thankfully she had bought a hair band (definitely needed, hint to anyone with long hair!) and lace up shoes. Trust me, it took a long time and lots of conditioner to get the knots out of my hair even with a hairband!

We started off with a instruction video, hand signals practice and demonstration of posture with our instructor, which made both of us giggle, especially with the repeated instruction to ‘tighten our butts’. Apparently it helps keep you in the right position!

Then it was time to get into the most flattering outfits. Don’t we look gorgeous?

We had two pros who were training with us, so we got a chance to watch them performing somersaults and flying upside down. They made it all look so easy! Then it was our turn to fly, Jodie volunteered me to go first, of course.

The instructor was in the chamber with me, correcting my position so I would be balanced and trying to stop me crashing into the walls!

Each flight only lasts a minute, but it feels longer however I could still with more time just to get used to the feeling of floating. You utilise your body surface area to control the height you’re flying at; more surface area = fly higher, less surface area = fly lower. Simple right? Of course!

Looking at the photos I had some great ‘concentration/wind tunnel’ faces, no you can’t see them… and yes I look like a wierd kind of chipmunk.

So much fun though! To feel weightless is a unique, slightly out of control feeling.

Jodie and I had three flights each and by the end I felt like I had got the position confidently enough to maintain balance and control the height I was flying at. On our last flight the instructor grabbed me and spun me round which was great fun. 🙂

At the end of our session we were given certificates confirming we have gained our ‘white wings’. Jodie loved her flights enough to ask for it to be an annual present!

Has it persuaded me to try skydiving from a plane? Nope think I’ll stick to this!

Til next time Jodie!


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