A bear and some breadcrumbs

I’d heard about breadcrumbs via Facebook, and as exploring new museums and places is on my bucket list I couldn’t resist trying this twist to visiting a museum.

Breadcrumbs is a newish treasure hunt to encourage people to look around some museums in London in greater depth via cryptic clues sent to your phone. It’s more fun than I made that sound, promise!

It’s simple to set up, you just go to the breadcrumbs website, select the museum you’d like to look round and fill in the relevant boxes. I think it’s about £4.99 per treasure hunt plus £2 if you’d like it via text rather than Facebook messenger.

I’ve never been to Victoria and Albert museum before plus it has a exhibition about Winnie the Pooh (more on that later!) so I knew that was the museum for me!

Once I got to the museum I opened fb messenger and sent a message to get started. They will send you directions and a clue for you to solve. When you think you have the answer you send it as a reply and they will send you the next clue. If you get stuck you can message ‘what’ ‘where’ for extra hints or if you’re really stuck ‘solve’.

There’s 20 clues in total and should take about 2 hours to complete, but of course take your time to look at other things as well as looking for the answers 🙂

It’s a good piece of fun and it got me talking to some of the attendants who noticed I was looking for the clues and gave me hints when I looked completely lost! Usually I wander round museums looking at the things that interest me but often missing out of loads stuff, this is great to get you looking at items that you may not normally notice.

However make sure you have enough battery so you don’t have to rush around trying to complete it before your phone dies, unlike me….

Also at the Victoria and Albert museum a certain bear has come to hunt for some hunny with his friends, so how could I resist going to meet Winnie the Pooh?

The exhibition was a collection of toys, quotes, original drawing along with some interactive aspects. It follows the development of the story from concept to published book. Seeing the original drawings were great, I love the style E.H.Shepard used and if I ever get to go to New York I’m definitely going to visit the ‘real’ bear (actually named Edward).

I loved the bridge where you could ‘play’ Pooh sticks (I miss playing that game, how have I not done that in a while? Oh it’s because I’m an adult… nope need to play Pooh sticks again soon)

It was so nostalgic looking back on the stories about a bear and his friends, plus the back story of a man creating stories about his Sons bear. How sweet is that?



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  1. Learnt so much from reading this. Thank you 🌷


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