Back in ‘ye olde days’

I can remember learning about the Tudors, Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre at school and thinking it would be cool to see a play at the Globe, however as I’ve grown I’ve realised a) I’m not that big a fan of of Shakespeare plays and b) the Globe is an open air theatre and English weather is temperamental at best!

So I went for plan b; go on a tour round the Globe Theatre and get tickets to an event at the Sam Wanamaker Theatre which joins the Globe.

I started off with a tour round the Globe with the guide Matt who had a brilliant sense of humour and got us all enjoying the tour, whilst giving us the history of the Globe.

  1. All plays traditionally end with a jig-as most of the have sad endings this cheers the audience up (and proves the the actors aren’t really dead….)
  2. The original Globe was made with cows hair and plaster, as cows are less fluffy now in the rebuild they had to substitute with goats hair.
  3. Sam Wanamaker’s daughter (Zoë) played Madam Hooch in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

The random things I remember!!

For part two of this excursion I had booked tickets to ‘Vivaldi reimagined’, I had no clue what I’d booked to see but I like classical music so how could it go wrong?

First things first, the Sam Wanamaker theatre is much smaller than the Globe theatre, but it has a nice cosy feeling to it. There were lots candlebras and candle chandeliers, padded benches and ornate decorations and despite me getting one of the cheapest seats I got a really good view.

The sextet (is that the right term?) of musicians played from the balcony, and the puppeteers were on the main stage, working together to tell the story of a couple who meet and have a baby. The father joins the army and dies at war and later the mother dies in a natural disaster, which leaves the son with depression. Cheerful stuff but hey this is Shakespeare land, a happy story wouldn’t fit would it?

During the performance the puppets do the actions and the puppeteers show the emotions, which together works well. The music fitted perfectly with each scene and with aspects put together it told the story in a very emotional way.

As a side note, I had tried to be creative while at the Globe, as they had some stamps, so I’d written ‘All the worlds a stage and the men and women are merely players, in his time each man plays many parts’. I took some photos of this with the Globe as a backdrop, however with back lighting it showed up the letter than someone else had stamped on the reverse of the paper, which turned my quote into something a little rude…. opps….. next time I’ll pay more attention when being creative!


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