Week 12 of gratitude


Today was my first meeting as secretary with the committee of the scuba diving club that I’m a part of and it went better than I was expecting. Does anyone else find that the stuff you dread you end up enjoying instead 🙂


One of the most silly things to be thankful for, but also something that made me happy. Yesterday my phone charger went missing, not a cheap knock off one but the original (aka expensive ones…) and as my other charger died last week it was my only one… Today I got it back 🙂 A colleague thought it belonged to someone else and helpfully gave it to them, only for them to realise it wasn’t theirs either. Definitely made me smile.


Grateful to have


I managed to schedule in two catch ups with friends in a day, which meant lots of food, but great company and a lot of laughs.


Thankful that my car hasn’t broken down in the time between me noticing a fault and being able to get it to the garage. I noticed our visiting a friend and then had the scary drive back wondering what it was (nothing dangerous, just a wierd noise) Hoping it doesn’t cost too much to fix!


Thankful that the car lives to drive another day 🙂


As much as I don’t like having an hours less sleep, the lighter days are finally getting here!!!

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