Scuba diving

Adventure 30 isn’t just about having fun experiences, and going on days out, I’ve also set out to develop the skills I’ve learnt, meet new people and learn more things. This means that there are some items on my list that require more than one post, partly to keep me motivated (or learning French) or for the opportunity to share anything I’ve seen (photography) and learnt. Life is meant to be shared!

Anyway…. I started learning to scuba dive just over a year ago, I was inspired by some snorkelling I did in New Zealand and Madagascar, getting to see ‘nemo’ close up was amazing and I wanted to be able to spend more time in this other world. I love fantasy and often wished I could live in Narnia or Middle Earth, well diving is the closest I can get I guess! Being underwater is completely different world; buoyancy, breathing, sight, temperature and that’s before you get to see anything! So I decided to learn how to dive properly so I could enjoy this world, I know a one off trip while on holiday wouldn’t be enough!

Practicing smb deployment

Practicing smb deployment.

So last year I joined my local bsac diving club and completed my ocean diver training, which covers the basics of diving. Since completing that I’ve done some ‘experience’ dives to develop my confidence and practice clearing my ears. (Changes in pressure underwater can cause ear damage, so you have to equalise to maintain a nice balance, however my ears don’t seem to like this and at the beginning I spent most of my dive time fighting to get my ears cleared. Thankfully it’s got easier.)

I’d love to go diving abroad, but I also want to be experienced enough to explore when I do, so until the opportunity comes up I’ll try to get as much practice as I can.

I’m now moving onto my sports diver training which consists of 1 pool lesson, 5 open water lessons, 5 lectures, 1 exam and experience diving in a variety of conditions (low visibility, boat/wall dive, etc). I’ve completely the pool session which covers rescuing a casualty from the water and giving mouth to nose resuscitation (yes really) and it’s a skill I hope I never have to use! The thought literally terrifies me!

This week was the first lecture, and I swear my instructors plan the lessons to see how much they can scare me. They love telling me horror stories of what can go wrong! I’m looking forward to it getting a bit warmer so I can get back out in the quarries where we practice so I can get on with the open water lessons!

Ps I’m on the right of all the photos 🙂


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