Run rabbit, run rabbit, run,run,run

I started running a few years ago, and have done a couple of 10ks, Park runs and a half marathon, so running was always going to be a part of my bucket list 🙂 Running the half marathon was hard as I wasn’t used to running 21k in one go, but since then I’ve been trying to keep running long distance, so that I’m better prepared for the next half marathon. However I want to do it ‘properly’ and hopefully minimise any injuries!

Why did I choose 100k? Partially because it’s a nice round number, and to motivate me to run regularly and not give up when my mind decides it would rather spend an extra half an hour in bed! Now it’s getting lighter in the mornings, but is still cool outside so I should feel more motivated to run!

Recently I’ve heard about ‘Race at your pace’, a challenge where you select the distance you would like to run, then complete the challenge either outside or on a treadmill send in your results and get a medal. So for this month I’ve selected the 75 mile race as it was the closest I could find to 100k, (does anyone else prefer kilometres as the numbers go faster?!) then it’s time to get a training plan sorted and run!


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