I have nowhere to live (part three)

I’ve spent some time researching homelessness, its definition, causes, what support is out there. The definition is fairly broad, but literally summarised as ‘without a home’ which can be living on the streets or sofa surfing. Oh. That made me think.

A few years ago I ended up sleeping on a friends sofa for six weeks (was offered a new job in a new area which was put on hold but the new employers forgot to tell me, so I handed in my notice on my job and flat then found out…. stressful to say the least!) do I class myself as homeless for that period? Not really, but it did make me realise how easy it would be to end without a home. I am and always will be grateful to the friends who offered me a place to stay, but what if I didn’t have that support network? Or had other complex issues? Or was a man? (They typically are lower on the list for housing). It’s scary to think about and eye opening to realise that it can happen fairly easily.

(Anna and I, the person I stayed with)

CCHP officially finished a week ago (the shelter anyway, but the team are still in contact with the guys) so tonight is my first Sunday night in a while that I’m not there with them and it feels strange. I’ve been thinking about the guys in the evenings this week, wondering how they’ve been getting on. Some of them have moved into places of their own, some are sofa surfing and some are unfortunately back on the streets. I miss them, I honestly miss the jokes we had the chats and time spent together.

On Tuesday Janet, one of the other volunteers and I are hopefully meeting up with some of them to see how they are. I can’t wait 🙂


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