Week 14 of gratitude


Grateful to have met the homeless guys during CCHP, it was hard saying bye to them today, cue lots hugs!


I’m thankful for my scuba diver instructors and the guys who take me on practice dives. They don’t get paid for it and give up more fun dives for themselves to make sure I get a safe fun dive. Thanks Nick, Dave, Jason,Dan and Dave! (And all the others!)


I found this picture today and it made me smile πŸ™‚


After a wierd day with lots of ups and downs I’m grateful to have Clare around, she seems to know what to say and gives me an objective opinion.


Had a lovely evening kayaking down the Cam in the sunset before dinner in a pub and kayaking back in the moonlight. Perfect evening πŸ™‚


Had a day out at Thorpe Park with Matt, a change to spend time with a great friend, even if we are cursed with making everything break down, still had lots fun. Thanks Matt!

And as I didn’t get any photos of me on a ride, heres a previous photo so you don’t miss the chance to see this beautiful face…


Thankful for a day to catch up on sleep and odd bits and pieces!


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