A little trip to Rome

I wanted to visit Rome for a long time, and always been jealous reading other people’s blogs/Facebook posts etc. Last year I spent some time in Italy with some friends and we considered doing a day trip to Rome but decided that it was too far and not enough time to see everything.

Instead we decided to have a separate trip to enjoy as much of Rome as possible, which is how we ended up getting up at 4.30 am and flying off to the less cloudy and rainy country of Italy.

Two good choices so far, staying in a hotel the night before and getting someone to pick us up at the airport. A) getting up even earlier did not appeal and b) getting lost in a new city as soon as we arrived didn’t appeal either.

Anyway once we’d settled into the hotel and the lovely Massimo had given us a map and directions, we set out for a wander. After a couple of wrong turns we made it to the top of Parco Gianicolense which has a beautiful view over the city and had some fun taking some photos.

Then we headed down to the main city centre for dinner. There’s loads of places to eat in the centre, mostly pasta and pizza kinda things, but what else would you expect in Italy?? We found a deal that included a glass of wine, bruschetta and any choice of main for €12 and it tasted good. Win win 🙂

After dinner we continued exploring the Piazza Navona and found a guy making name signs as well as guys playing music and general entertainment.

It’s been a good start to the holiday! Tomorrow we’re off the the Colosseum, Trevi fountain and a few other sights. I have done my stretches, got comfy shoes so my feet are ready to walk!


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