Rome in the sunshine

I’ve wanted to go to the Colosseum for a very long time, and today I finally got to go. I’d prebooked tickets (tip, if you ever go to Rome definitely do this, saves so much time) so didn’t have to wait long to get inside. The colosseum was built in ad 70 and could hold between 50000-80000 people. People have told me that they thought it was smaller than they were expecting, however I thought it was bigger than I was expecting!

It was great to be able to wander round the site, imagining the lives of the people who fought there or visited to watch the fights. The gladiators were the celebrities of the day, so I imagine it as a bit like the atmosphere of going to a concert.

After visiting the colosseum we visited the Forum and Palatine Hill, which is pretty and you can get some nice photos of the view.

It’s been a beautiful day, 19 degrees and sunny, however I’m unfortunately used to English weather and didn’t think to bring sun cream. Opps.

This afternoon we wandered round the city centre, attempted to get Jodie some new shoes (failed but found plasters instead) , visited the Trevi fountain (very busy) before enjoying gelato outside the Pantheon (forgot something to cover my shoulders so wasn’t allowed in). The gelato was amazing 🙂 perfect for a sunny day.

We also saw the Spanish steps, maybe it’s just me but I don’t get why they’re famous and everyone visits them? Just seemed to be lots crowds and people sitting on the steps. Anyone able to enlighten me?

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and to Matt and Annie; hope tomorrow goes ok at work 🙂


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