Time travel/train travel/crazy chaos

Day three; we left Rome to visit Pompeii. Escapades of today

1) We confused the metro underground with the tram service and spent longer than three sensible (?!) people should have spent waiting for the non existent tram/train.

2) Made it to the main train station, figured out the tickets, rushed to get our train to find out it was delayed by 40 minutes.

3) Made it to Naples, got very confused regarding our connection train, I may have got very stressed at this point (Sorry Jodie and Kathryn) trying to figure out where to go.

4) Finally made it to Pompeii! We had to cancel our plan of going up Vesuvius as we didn’t have time. In the end we only had 1hr 45 minutes in Pompeii to do a brief tour.

Pompeii itself I find fascinating, I had a longer trip out here a few years ago but it was good to be able to come back and see the bits I hadn’t seen before. I love seeing how people lived, what their tastes were like, I wonder what people will think when they look back on our lives from the future?

Walking round Pompeii is an experience, lots tiny little backstreets with houses and shops you can go inside, from the poorer homes to the very fancy well off houses of the time. Mosaics and frescos are everywhere with amazingly intricate detail. The roads are uneven stone but that adds to the character of the area, along with Vesuvius towering in the background. One day hopefully I will get to climb it myself!

We visited some of the plaster casts of the people who died it, and it adds a more sobering aspect, making you realise this isn’t just a history day trip out, people were desperately trying to escape and run for their lives. It’s even more sobering to see the casts of very young children who died.

However, even though the trains may not run on time, the trains themselves are surprisingly nice; clean and spacious. Not sure today was worth all the stress, but think that’s still something I need to work on the the coming years! We ended the day with lots giggles and some good food 🙂

Have a good weekend guys!


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