Week 15 of gratitude


Thankful for the chance I had to know Debs. We were friends back when we were teenagers and stayed in contact as life moved on. Sadly she passed away last week, but I’m grateful for the chance to have her as a friend.


Today I was going to write a semi-whiny, semi-thankful post, then I read someones blog and it gave me perspective, it was a happy blog about how much they love something and its had an impact on their life. That blog post improved my mood so much, tbh I don’t know why it affected me like it did, but let the positivity spread πŸ™‚


Thankful to have plans to look forward to πŸ™‚


One thing I love is spending time with people I’m close to. For the next six days I get to do just that, doing things that we all love.


Thankful for the chance to see Rome and explore all the history.


Grateful to live in such a beautiful world.


It’s my nephews birthday today, he’s adopted and I’m grateful to have him in my life. He’s such a special boy and has been through so much, I can’t even imagine dealing with what he he has and still being the happy boy that he is. Happy birthday ‘big’ man xx

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