While in Rome…. relax!!

After a few busy days walking 20000+ steps per day we decided to have a chilled day, go for a wander and get dressed up for a nice dinner in the evening.

So this morning I did my ‘usual’ run before the others got up (not a forced run, going for an early run is part of my routine and I normally enjoy it, having the time to myself in the peace but the river), then we went into the city for souvenir shopping and visited the Pantheon.

We had planned on visiting the Pantheon before but I forgot to take anything with me to cover my shoulders. For a church it’s unusual, it has one large room, rather than a main room and other side rooms, and the main focus point is the basilica.

We spend the afternoon back at the hotel reading and napping. I love spending time with these two, we can be together but not feel like we have to spend every minute talking or doing something. We’re completely happy to have chat time then do our own thing for a bit :)This evening we decided to get dressed up and go out for dinner, as it’s been a while since we had a ‘dress up’ meal. Do we look pretty 🙂

After dinner in Piazza Navona we decided to skip dessert and get gelato while wandering around. We had an amazing gelato the other day so to a trip back to the same shop. I had the strawberry cheese cake and kinder bueno and it is so good. The cheesecake ice cream doesn’t have biscuit pieces in, it has actual cheesecake base in, the nice chewy biscuit kind…. mmmmmm.

We ate that by the Pantheon, listening to a band and then a violinist play. Without meaning to insult other buskers I’ve heard, these people were really good. I loved it, the atmosphere, eating ice cream while listening to music in an amazing place is an evening to remember.

Kathryn bought the cd of the violinist guy, then we headed back towards home stopping off to watch a puppet guy and a fire dancer guy. Brilliant evening!


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