Final day in Rome

So it’s our last day in Rome and we decided to make it count. We started off with our now-usual breakfast in Jodie’s bed, planning the day over croissants and juice, then had some time to relax before heading of to Vatican City.

I had prebooked tickets for us to go into the Vatican Museums and am so glad we did. The queue was ridiculously long and barely moving! We were let in a little before our prebooked time and started wandering around the museums.

We didn’t have an audio guide, instead we ambled around looking at anything that caught our eye. Might not have been the best way to learn everything about the place but I think our brains are struggling to remember everything we’ve seen anyway! I really enjoyed the Egyptian section with all the mummies, funeral masks and caskets, and also some of the artwork is amazing!

We continued on to the Sistine Chapel with high expectations, but tbh I was slightly disappointed with it. I didn’t even realise we were in the Chapel at first (smart cookie me…!) it felt a bit like an auditorium with guys standing there telling everyone to keep moving or to be quiet, plus you’re not allowed to take any pictures. We did take a few minutes to admire Michelangelo’s work, but it wasn’t really the highlight of the tour for me.

After the Sistine Chapel we carried on to look at more artwork and headed out into the grounds. It seems to be one of the few places in Rome’s centre that has grass! Along with the fountains it’s a nice place to spend half an hour enjoying the sun that’s been our friend all weekend!

Next stop was St Peters Basilica, I hadn’t prebooked tickets for this and the line was long but moved quickly. Jodie and I decided to climb to the top of the dome, all 551 steps up to it! Halfway up you get to stop and look around the inside of the dome in the church before continuing on to the top of the dome, with beautiful views across the city. I loved getting to see the famous view looking over the square and down the avenue, it was well worth the climb!

After that we had rejoined Kathryn in the Church and looked around a bit, including a visit to the famous statue ‘The Pieta’ which was a lot smaller than I was expecting!

Before leaving we got to see some of the Swiss Guards in their uniforms!

For our last evening here we headed back to the city centre again for a last meal outside in one of the squares, enjoying the warmth. Had a great meal out enjoying some aperol spritzers and a good laugh followed up by a last gelato 😦

Just looked at my step counter for today; 30041 steps! I’m surprised my legs don’t ache more! Anyway time to get packing ready for our flight home tomorrow 😦


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