Week 16 of gratitude


We enjoyed some stunning views today from the top of St Peters Basilica. Grateful for contact lens/glasses that make this possible for me without them I would be so limited on what I can do.


Thankful for a safety journey home and a chance to catch up with some of the team leaders from the homeless shelter this evening. It’s good to hear stories of people moving on with their lives and still supporting those who are still on the streets.


The cows are back! That means it is finally spring! By this I mean, that there are cows on Midsommer common during the spring summer and autumn before they get trucked away in a nice cosy barn for the winter and return to the Common in the  Spring. I’m sure that last year the cows were back mid march time, and this year I’ve been waiting to see them back outside to signal that winter is finally over. (I’m not a massive fan of the grey wet dark days of winter, snow and cold I can cope with, this year seems to have dragged on though.)


I’m grateful for the feeling of contentment. I’m happy where I am and what I’m doing and I’m thankful for times like this.


Evenings sitting by the river watching the sunset reading a book and eating ice cream.


A day at the beach! I love the sea but semi-unfortunately live a couple of hours away so today was a lovely treat to spent time out on a boat and then on the sea.


There’s a bakery stand at Cambridge market that I quite like (its cake and quiche of course I’m going to like it….) and most weeks I pick up something there. This week George (the baker) saved me a slice of quiche I had mentioned that I wanted to try and he didn’t want me to miss out… thanks George 🙂

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