Week 19 of gratitude


Today was my first full day of scuba diving, and my ears are clearing fine (they usually have issues and I waste half my air supply trying to clear them) yayyyyy so happy they’re clearing ok!


It’s my birthday 🙂 I’m so grateful to have had 30 years on this planet, thank you 🙂 somehow it’s not the physical presents that I appreciate as much as the thoughts behind them all. I’m very blessed.


Grateful that my energy levels are getting better and I’m feeling stronger; I’m not ill, just find lifting heavy cylinders etc hard work! Still definitely worth it though


Grateful for the beautiful things I’ve seen while diving, no I still have no idea of the names of fish but still loved it.


Staying at a friends overnight and they bought me some gorgeous flowers, chocolate and ‘doddle materials’. Totally unexpected!


Spent today cycling to Saunton Sands, reminisced a lot about our family holidays as kids and had some yummy ice cream.


Waking up to hear the birds cheeping away outside, it’s a bit cliched but sounds so fresh and happy.

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