Under the sea….

Our planet is a tiny tiny part of the universe, teeny teeny tiny. (As you can tell I know lots of scientific words to describe it…), and yet you can travel a few miles in any direction and it can look very different. From cities to jungles to sea to space, the contrast is massive and all compact in the tiny planet we call home.

Ramble over…. for now…. There is a point I promise!

One part of my bucket list was to go scuba diving abroad somewhere, not that I don’t love England, just that I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures and heard stories about all the different things you can see, and its got my travel/adventure bug going. I love exploring and seeing new things, however I have always had a problem getting my ears to clear when diving. (When diving you have to equalize your ears due to the external pressure from the water, or your ear drums will burst or damage your inner ears) This has always been an issue since I started learning to dive, sometimes they would clear, sometimes they wouldn’t, or they would take forever…. So i figured that there was no point spending lots money on a diving holiday until I had got it sorted, plus I will enjoy a holiday more if I had a bit more experience diving in general.

A few months ago the club that I’m part of announced they had planned a trip to Falmouth in Cornwall, and it was planned for my birthday week. Perfect 🙂 (Of course there was the option of spending my birthday at work….. but as much as I love my colleagues……) So I signed up, and last week we spent a week diving some wrecks and reefs.

As this was my first trip with the diving club I had very little idea of what to expect, how things ran and any extra equipment I would need, so I’ve been pestering the more experienced divers, not only for equipment ideas but also good brands, what to look for etc. All kitted up we drove down (overnight!! the great British train service failed me again) ready for a few dives.

The club owns two boats, which each day were loaded up with cylinders, weight belts, breathing apparatus, fins sand goodness knows what else! Seriously the amount of stuff you need for a diving trip is crazy! We would then head out to the dive site, buddy up and in you go.

Thankfully throughout the week my ears got better and quicker at clearing, I’ve learnt that I have to equalize with every breath out, descend slowllyyyyy  and keep an eye on my depth. Result!!! So happy with that, so now I can get on with seriously planning a holiday some where with the mermaids.

I love how weightless you feel in water, not floating, not sinking, just bobbing along following the fish and getting to see a whole different view of the world. Apart from the less than pretty outfit (and hair) I feel like the Little Mermaid when diving, swimming with my fish friends, looking out for dinglehoppers and other treasures.

My favourite dive was on my birthday, we went to the Hera, a ship which sank in 1914. The water was so clear, there were loads of fish and starfish. I saw a gurnad for the first time, which is a weird fish with six little legs at the front which they use to crawl, until they get freaked out by the divers then they can swim pretty fast with their fins. Good combination for a fish!

I was surprised at the variety of fish that we saw, and the colours of some of them! Bright blue fish I associate with being tropical fish, but there were plenty of wrasse scooting around, plus lots of huge starfish (the length of my arm) and crabs.

Overall it was a brilliant week; perfect weather, minimal seasickness and no incidents. Thank you to the people at Cambridge BSAC for organising it, there’s a lot of background work that went into this week (it may have been described as ‘its easier to herd kittens’) so thank you guys.

Next stop, hopefully some warmer waters!

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