Week 20 of gratitude


I got to go body boarding in Devon, something that I loved as a teenager but haven’t had the chance to do in years. The weather was lovely and the waves were perfect. Brilliant day out.


Sweet potato curry, mmmmmm was so good, plus it felt good to have some vegetables again!


A friend bought me a whole giant toblerone bar….. mmmmmm


The chance to doodle…. The past few weeks have been full of crazy fun so I haven’t had the time to be ‘creative’, however this evening I had some free time so sat at my desk, enjoyed the sunset and a documentary while doodling away.


Its the weekend! And I have a free weekend in what looks like its going to be a sunny weekend. Whats not to be thankful for?


You know when you expect a ‘normal’ Saturday and it turns into being a surprisingly brilliant day? Park run, food festival, watching the royal wedding (I remember seeing Prince Harry at his mothers funeral, to see him so happy now is touching), kayaking in the sun, more doodling and ice cream. Maybe I’m easily pleased but it was a day that made me glad to be alive.


A day sitting in the sunshine with my housemate Siobhan. It feels like we havent seen each other in ages, so today was lovely just to chat and watch whatever rowing race was going on.

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