This is how to celebrate!

A couple of months ago I was ‘asked’ to keep the last weekend of May free by a couple of my friends (Hannah, Kathryn and Jodie). Then a couple of weeks ago they messaged me to check that I was still free to meet up, minor panic as I couldn’t remember if I had booked it off work or not! All sorted, I was then told I would get my birthday present that weekend. Ohhhh elongated birthday sounds even more fun.

(If you haven’t guessed I can drag out a birthday for ages, not just my birthday as well, I took Jodie indoor sky diving for her birthday about a month before her actual birthday) Why not follow the Mad Hatters footsteps and celebrate our unbirthdays too?

Last Friday afternoon I arrived in Birmingham and was promptly told we weren’t going to be staying there, instead we were going for a surprise trip to the beach πŸ™‚ Yayyyyy, my friends know me well, they know I love the sea, so this is the perfect trip for us to take. We got the Friday afternoon train, loaded up with snacks, books and time to chat and meandered our way to Llandudno.

Llandudno is a place that I feel like I should have been to before (we had a lot of holidays in Wales as kids) but I don’t think I’ve actually been there. Its a pretty little town, it kinda reminds me of something from Jane Austen where one of her characters would go to enjoy the sea air etc. We had a hotel on the seafront, so 10 metres from the door and you were on the beach; perfect.

Hannah Jodie and Kathryn know me well enough that they know I like a little bit of adrenaline, so they had organised a trip to Llandudno Leisuresport Centre to do some tobogganing and tubing. Nope no snow, tubing is done of the dry slope and they have a toboggan run set up. Tobogganing was my favourite thing, you sit on what is essentially a plastic tray with a brake (so you can have some control over your speed if you like, or not….) which pulls you up the hill and you slide down the course as fast as you like. After our initial two runs we loved it so much we went for a second set of runs. So much fun, I didn’t stop smiling, hence the weird photos of me….

Tubing was our second activity, is basically been pushed down the dryslope in a rubber ring, first individually then in groups. (NB if you ever do this don’t eat first… it involves a lot of spinning and running back up the hill) but its so much fun πŸ™‚ There was only a small group of us, plu sit was drizzling a little which made the experience even better; extra slippy slope = faster spins.

Saturday evening we spent having fish and chips on the beach and watching the tide come in. Does anyone else play a game with the tide, standing as close to the water as possible and trying to guess if the next wave will ‘get’ you? Its a game I used to play with my Mum when I was a kid, and so I introduced it to Kathryn and Jodie. Conclusion; we ended up with lots of wet shoes!

Sunday was more of a chill day, complete with full cooked breakfast, lazing on the beach until it rained, watched the thunderstorm, and ate even more food. Ahhhhh perfect break away from normal life! The evenings were staying light so much longer, so we were still on the beach at 10.30 in the semi light.

Monday and it was time to head back home again, you can tell how much we loved the sea by the fact that we were willing to get up early while on holiday just to spend some extra time on the beach. Finally got on the train for the ride back home with some extra time to reminisce and catch up on Jodie’s wedding plans. (Shes marrying my brother in September, wooo bring on bridesmaid duties but shotgun not helping you to the toilet Jodie πŸ™‚ )

Thanks girlies for the surprise trip away, I loved it and felt very spoilt πŸ™‚ Where shall we go next time?



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