Week 23 of gratitude


Books, films and art for a way to escape reality, having time to spend being creative or enjoying other peoples creativity is one of my favourite ways to relax.


Grateful for the people who make blogs and share tips etc on how to get more out of my WordPress blog; after six months I’m still learning!


Happy birthday to my ‘little’ brother 🙂


Afternoon tea with my Mum, Sister and Sister-in-law-to-be (that’s a thing right?!) yummy food and chance to catch up as a foursome.


You know the feeling of slight muscle ache after you’ve had a good work out? Am I weird that I kinda like that feeling? I feel a little sore, nothing bad just know I’ve pushed my body and its coped with it.


Found a nail in my car tire….however I’m grateful I found it when I did and not when I was half way back to my parents!


Went for a long run today, and managed to further than I planned to. I find the first couple of kilometers hard and want to give up, then find my pace at around 3k, after that its a little easier. I might pay for it later, feeling a little bit achy but it was worth it 🙂

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